About Me


I'm Chris Awoke, a result-driven and detail-oriented software engineer with a passion for transforming ideas into impactful digital solutions. I am adept at translating design instructions into interactive user experiences with pixel-perfect precision. My keen eye for great design allows me to create intuitive, customer-centric applications that elevate startups' digital presence.

I am dedicated to crafting products that customers love to use, making meaningful contributions to every organization I work with by aligning the organization's goals with customer preferences.

In addition to my engineering skills, I love writing and have a fascination with technology, which led me to technical writing. I excel at simplifying complex technical concepts for both engineers and non-technical audiences. My strength lies in creating engaging, insightful, and well-articulated articles, tutorials, and documentation.

My passion for tech startups has led me to study how successful tech companies were built to last. I believe entrepreneurship is the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. Currently, I'm working on an AgTech startup project that seeks to leverage deep tech to address food insecurity challenges and promote environmental sustainability in Nigeria, with the vision of expanding it continent-wide.

I believe Africa needs more young and ambitious entrepreneurs who understand the uniqueness of the continent, its people, and the business environment. Through entrepreneurial activities, we can introduce new products, production methods, and business strategies to the market, fostering development and creating employment opportunities. To this end, I am developing an EdTech platform for Africans aspiring to build lasting tech solutions in Africa for Africans.

If you have anything for me, I’m just a DM away.

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